Hi! I'm Andreea.
I’m a financial well-being coach and I help ambitious women entrepreneurs embrace prosperity and design their unique form of wealth.

Throughout my extensive career in financial audit and consultancy, I’ve had the privilege of interacting with a diverse range of individuals and businesses, witnessing their behaviours and attitudes towards money, wealth building, and financial management.

In the beginning, it seemed that success in these areas hinged solely on a solid education in business and money management, coupled with professional experience and a touch of luck. However, as I delved deeper into this world, I’ve witnessed a truth often denied: money problems are deeply intertwined with our emotions and personal money stories.

Are you tired of the constant stress and anxiety that comes with financial struggles? 

I’ve been there too. Despite my solid financial background, I’ve personally faced the overwhelming burden of financial stress. It’s a feeling I recognize all too well, and it fuels my empathy and understanding for others who are going through similar challenges.

Maybe you’ve felt like no matter how hard you work, money is never enough. You cover your basic needs, but your desires remain unfulfilled. And when emergencies strike, you find yourself ill-equipped to handle the situation.

Perhaps you’ve made financial or life decisions that haunt you with shame or guilt, leaving you feeling inadequate or like you’re not doing enough. It’s easy to compare yourself to others who seem to be in a better financial position, triggering envy and jealousy.

I’ve seen it all – financial losses, disagreements with loved ones, and even betrayals. These experiences can cause emotional turmoil and erode our sense of trust and self-worth. And money is so much connected to self-worth.

But let me tell you this: your financial circumstances do not define you as a person or your business. The beliefs, stories, behaviours, and patterns you have around money can be rewritten. It’s truly within your power to make a change, and I’m here to guide you on that journey.

Drawing from years of working with individuals and businesses facing financial challenges, I’ve witnessed firsthand the toll it takes on our overall well-being. The worry, pressure, and emotional burden can be overwhelming. 

But I want you to know that there is hope.

By tapping into your inner strength and committing to consistent personal growth, you can transform your relationship with money, personally and business-wise. I will support you along the way to find harmony in your relationship with money, embrace prosperity, and design your own form of wealth.

You will be able to reshape your beliefs, develop healthy financial habits, and empower yourself to take control of your financial future.

Are you ready to take control of your financial future and leave behind the stress and anxiety of money struggles? It’s time to embark on a transformative journey toward prosperity and financial well-being. 

A snapshot of my career journey:

  • Over 12 years of significant experience in financial audit and consultancy, working with a diverse international clientele of more than 200 individuals and businesses.
  • An additional 5 years were dedicated to internal financial controlling, gaining a comprehensive understanding of organisational financial dynamics.
  • The past 3 years have seen me immersed in self-development counselling and transformational coaching, accumulating over 200 hours of empowering sessions.

    3 extra things about me

    • I love long walks in the nature and good food. 100% 100%
    • I am grateful for my beautiful and loving family. 100% 100%
    • I am crazy about travelling and discovering new places and people, so I am currently living in The Netherlands and it’s a great place to live these years of my life. 100% 100%

    Top 3 situations I work with in sessions

    • Self-Doubt, Guilt, Unworthiness and Negative Beliefs About Money 100% 100%
    • Feeling Stuck in a Cycle of Financial Struggle 90% 90%
    • Lack of Clarity and Direction in Financial Goals 80% 80%
    3 extra things about me
    Top 3 situations I work with in sessions
    What People Say

    Working with Andreea as my mindset coach helped me focus on the most effective actions toward my goals. Through her questions and ability to hold space, I managed to identify the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. What I love about her way of working is her ability to handle whatever emotions you’re bringing to the table(consciously or unconsciously) and the gentle way in which she invites you to look with curiosity at those emotions and discover lessons to be learned and action items. I always leave our sessions with more clarity, a doable plan, and a sense of accountability.

    The most valuable insight Andreea helped me uncover was my tendency to overwork myself with tasks that I “have to” do. Reframing my perspective and my language towards “I want”, instead of “I must/have to”, helped me 1) become more efficient with my time and finances and 2) build an environment aligned with my long-term vision.

    I strongly recommend working with Andreea as she’s an amazing coach and you will definitely gain new perspectives and the right mindset to reach your goals.

    Andra Olaru - Wellbeing Coach | DevOps Team Lead

    The transition from being an employee to having my own psychology office had a strong impact on me and on the way I looked at my relationship with finances, with money.

    I needed a series of financial coaching sessions and I chose to do this together with Andreea. I needed to understand my financial needs and responsibilities for the new course of my life with the psychology office as a form of organization and to redefine my relationship with money in general.

    Our sessions were extremely valuable and fruitful for me. I appreciated the work environment and space created by Andreea where I had the freedom to be vulnerable and express all my fears and ineptitude regarding finances.

    Together with her, through questions and exercises, I saw how my thinking is transformed and how it manages to apply a new set of strategies that help me not only in understanding the financial area but also in developing it.

    After the sessions with Andreea, the first visible result was the increase in income, I became more organized and more aware of my expenses, both in the area of needs, but also in the area of desires, I created a strategy suitable for my context so that I can navigate more easily by what my financial responsibilities mean.

    The insight that remained strongly imprinted on me is that no matter how much money you earn, it is very important to give it a destination. This creates clarity, you can no longer say “Where did my money go?”. The feeling is a very good one, because it empowers you to manage your money, not the money on you.

    I recommend the coaching sessions with Andreea for the way she creates a space for understanding and growth through questions that reveal perspectives and actions that I would not have thought of on my own.

    At the same time, her professional background in the financial field, as well as her professionalism as a coach, were extremely valuable for me, trusting her and the process. It is a confirmed confidence that even today has results that bring me satisfaction. I am more competent and mature from a financial point of view, and when I encounter obstacles or misunderstandings, I have someone who can accompany me in overcoming them.

    Cristina Colotelo - Psychotherapist | Counselor

    Working with Andreea has been very easy, brought results immediately, and also inspiring. Her financial expertise mixed with her coaching skills makes collaboration very easy and fruitful.

    As a financial coach, Andreea created a safe space for me to share all my financial history, together with my current practices, and has supported me to come up with small steps that I could implement immediately so I would reach my goals.

    As a financial consultant, Andreea offered me the guidance and customized tools I needed so much in order to regain control over my finances and help my business grow. She offered advice and a long-term plan that I can follow both with her as well as on my own.

    Andreea has helped me implement a corporate project as well, using her financial expertise, her leadership skills, and passion for writing: The monthly “Financial Wellbeing Newsletter”. A resourceful guide for our employees that is offering clear, actionable tools, education pieces, and a bit of fun, all put together by her and delivered to the employees on payday. What better way to support a healthy financial mindset and have happier employees?

    I recommend Andreea for 1 on 1 coaching sessions, and financial consultancy both for personal development as well as for entrepreneurs who wish to be on top of their financial growth, as well as for new, creative, out-of-the-box corporate financial well-being projects.

    Corina Oprea - Senior Manager at Dell Technologies

    I made my first personal budget in 2005 after I got married. I had to bring together two types of relationships with money, and obviously, I started with lists in a notebook, then moved everything to an Excel file, then went back to the notebooks and went with both in parallel. We had a money management tool, but it wasn’t a system.

    At some point, a lot of financial advisors and online bloggers appeared in the Romanian blogosphere and we had more resources to explore. About 2 years later, I tested another tool, because something was always missing: I had one situation on paper and Excel, and another one was happening in reality.

    I understood over time that a management tool is necessary, but also not sufficient if I don’t look at my relationship with money beyond tables, inputs, and outputs and beyond drawing a line at the end of the month.

    I understood that it was about the emotions and the “stories” that I have and tell myself in relation to money, and this overwhelmed me because it meant that I would find the tool only after I understood what was beyond all these.

    Andreea helped me enormously in our meetings to explore this area and to realise whose stories they actually belonged to and how I could replace them with others that would help me. It wasn’t easy, because it was deep, but Andreea knows how to listen, not just hear, and gently guide in this sensitive space.

    In parallel with the emotional work, Andreea built a money management tool customised to my needs and ours as a family and it was the first time, in 18 years, that I felt that things were connected and I came to love the personal budget because I understood it.

    Erika Popliceanu - Change strategist at plan.clar

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